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Ideas for a great fundraising campaign

Here are some fundraising ideas for your community fundraising page, feel free to use ours or create your own inspirational activity.

Sponsor a disabled person in acheiving something special

Increase physical ability (walk a distance, ride a bike, play a sport)
Learn a communication skill(with signing, computer, braile, speach)
Master a life skill (make friends, get around, shop, learn a trade)
Be bold and creative, this will greatly benefit both the person and those who need equipment.)

Create a friendly challenge between co-workers for workplace incentives

Boss for a Day
Lunch with the Boss
Listen to what I Choose
Perferred Parking

Sponsor students to excel in a learning skill


Sponsor Adults to Inprove their Life

Losing weight
Getting fit through walking/exercise
Giving up something unhealthy such as smoking or caffeine
Acquiring a degree

Sponsor a service project through your school, scout, church, fraturnal, community, or business, to help disabled individuals

Offer something of value that you find free on the internet. For a donation send them

A Coupon
A Recipe
A Houshold or Auto Tip
A lead on a great discount
Benificial or Entertaining Link

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